The latest from PDC

Another action-packed quarterly report from Painted Dog Conservation (PDC).  

 The Mpindo pack despite the small size of the pack (just two adults Snow-Tail and Jonathan) have packed a punch in Mana Pools, their new home. 

We have been following the Mpindo pack’s story since the beginning. The Mpindo pack was first captured by PDC after denning in the Mpindo community in 2018. They were released into Hwange National Park only to return to Mpindo to den again in 2019. And again had to be recaptured. 

Now that you’re all caught up, in September 2019, the Mpindo pack, puppies and all, were relocated from Hwange, with the aid of Wilderness Safaris, to a boma in Chikwenya in Mana Pools. The entire relocation process went incredibly smoothly taking four hours from the Rehabilitation Centre to the boma. Shortly, after their arrival, the Mana Pools packs visited them. 

The BBC Dynasties packs in Mana Pools have been in decline since the death of Tait, Tammy and Blacktip so the Mpindo pack is new hope for the floodplain – providing new genes and bolstering the dwindling Mana population. 

This wayward pack has been a prime example of the challenges facing the species on the frontline of conservation – from human-wildlife conflict to habitat loss and fragmentation

In addition to dealing with the challenges of the Mpindo pack, PDC has been busy over the last quarter… 

PDC’s conservation efforts in numbers. 

1,500 domestic dogs vaccinated for rabies and distemper in the rabies campaign 

2,000 snares detected and removed in Hwange this year alone, taking the total to 30,000 since the beginning of 2001. 

800 children’s lives have been changed by the Iganyana Children’s Bush Camp this year.  


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