Our Investment Process

Research and Analysis

Consultation with painted wolf experts, desktop research and zoom discussions with potential grantees.

Advisor Input

Liaising with specific PWF advisors who have the necessary knowledge and experience to add valuable input.

Site Visit and in person meetings

PWF will often visit the conservation area in order to get a clearer understanding of the challenges being faced and better evaluate the potential grantee.

Request for proposal and budget

Potential grantee is requested to submit a focused proposal and detailed budget.

Analysis and Refinement

The proposal is carefully analysed and a two way discussion is held to refine the proposal and consider additional strategic input from PWF advisors.

Recommendation to Granting Committee

Finalised proposal is sent to the Granting Committee together with a report and recommendation from the Director.

Granting Committee Meeting

The granting committee discusses the proposal and will vote on a decision. The Director is present but does not have a vote. Advisors and potential grantees may be asked to attend to give input.

Refinement Requested

The granting committee will either reject the proposal, accept it or ask for further clarifications or refinements.

MoU Signed and Grants made

For successful applicants, MoUs are sent out and grants are made within two weeks of the signed MoUs being received.

Regular reports received

Grantees are requested to submit annual reports and a briefer six-month interim report to explain progress.