VOA News highlights PDC

VOA News has highlighted Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) and produced a short video describing some of their programs.

PDC’s anti-poaching unit, based near Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, was given special attention. They remove more than 3,000 snares a year, and are instrumental in saving the lives of countless animals.  In the video below, PDC operations manager David Kuvawoga explains the indiscriminate nature of snares. 

The anti-poaching unit is mainly made up of local people who understand the importance of protecting wildlife. By protecting painted wolves, they are protecting and investing in the local economy of their community. 

Removing snares also provides employment for local craftspeople. They transform the confiscated wires, once used for cruel killing, into pieces of art. These works are then sold locally and in zoos around the world.

Please visit the Painted Dog Conservation website to learn more about their anti-poaching unit and the important work they do to protect painted wolves.