Painted wolves on Science Friday

Science Friday has long been a radio source for entertaining and educational stories about science and technology. In a recent segment, they talked to carnivore biologist Gabi Fleury about their upcoming research on painted wolves.

This informative segment discusses how Gabi became interested in wildlife conservation, and why they love painted wolves. Gabi will soon embark on a Fullbright scholarship to study painted wolves in Botswana. The research will look into ways technology can reduce predator and livestock conflict.

But reducing livestock loss is only part of what is needed to secure a future for painted wolves. Painted wolves have been persecuted for many years in part due to historical and cultural factors. Gabi hopes to engage in a new type of conservation that works with local communities to change perceptions of painted wolves. Their exciting research will combine community driven conservation with technology to reduce livestock losses.

Click HERE to listen to this segment of Science Friday.