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8th December 2022

Sad Loss of Diane Skinner

Africa’s conservation community has lost one of its leading lights. Diane Skinner, the Executive Director of the Painted Wolf Foundation,…

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15th September 2021

Painted wolves are safari highlight

Painted wolves are rapidly becoming a safari’s hottest sighting!

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3rd August 2021

New organisation sets out to understand the painted wolves of eastern Namibia

A new project to conserve the painted wolves of Namibia.

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17th July 2021

Unexpected arrival of painted wolves

Exciting news from Mabula Private Game Reserve in the Waterberg region of South Africa as painted wolves were unexpectedly seen there.

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27th May 2021

The nose knows when it comes to reducing stress

Researchers are trialing an innovative way to reduce stress during artificial formation of painted wolf packs.

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13th March 2021

Exciting updates from Mozambique

Even more exciting news on painted wolf reintroduction in Mozambique.

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5th March 2021

Perseverance during the pandemic, the latest from southern Zimbabwe

African Wildlife Conservation Fund shares their work over the last few months in their latest newsletter

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6th January 2021

Painted wolves thriving in Gorongosa

The 2020 Annual Report for Gorongosa paints a rosy future for painted wolves (AKA African wild dogs)

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3rd December 2020

A good year for both wine and wild dogs

Another excellent year of sales results in critical donations to painted wolf conservation

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