Our Background

The Painted Wolf Foundation was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and wildlife photographer Nicholas Dyer, painted wolf conservationist Peter Blinston, and leading wildlife conservation expert, the late Diane Skinner.

Together they formed PWF with the single aim to bring a transformational change to the conservation of the species. Their combined experiences brought together a deep knowledge of the painted wolf, a powerful understanding of effective conservation and innovative entrepreneurial and marketing skills. 

Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston wrote the highly acclaimed coffee table book Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life. All the profits from the book went to the Painted Wolf Foundation.

These funds enabled Diane Skinner to consult the entire painted wolf conservation community during the Covid19 lockdowns. Having analysed the results, we partnered with Wildlife Conservation Network to develop a strategy incorporating a theory of change that we believe will make a transformational difference to the survival of the species.

The Painted Wolf Foundation is now implementing that strategy, supporting painted wolf conservation programmes and initiatives across Africa.


Securing the Future
of the Painted Wolf

by Diane Skinner et al

A detailed analysis by the Painted Wolf Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Network on what can be done to reverse the downward trajectory of the painted wolf.


Painted Wolves:
A Wild Dog’s Life

by Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston

A fascinating journey into the lives of the painted wolves and what can be done to save them, showing the same characters seen on BBC’s series Dynasties.

Peter, Di and Nick