Where we Invest

For every investment we always ask the question:
In what way will our investment be transformational for the painted wolf?”

The conservation need for painted wolves across their entire range (existing and potential) is immense and the funding required considerable.

Our immediate focus will be on painted wolf specific needs and tackling the many embedded constraints that we have identified.

Longer term, and as funding permits, we will seek to support the management of some of Africa’s most neglected landscapes in order to help rehabilitate them to sustain wildlife.

Here we see opportunities to collaborate with WCN’s other wildlife funds such as the Lion Recovery Fund and the Elephant Crisis Fund.

Our Investment Focus

In the short-term, and in order to make an immediate impact, we will concentrate on supporting work in the following five areas.


Collaborative initiatives that will benefit all painted wolf landscapes, providing additional conservation tools to all conservation organisations.


Areas that are home to important known populations but where painted wolf conservation is either absent or severely under-resourced.


Painted Wolf in Snare

Areas where a population of painted wolves is facing a critical immediate threat and urgent intervention is necessary.


Former range areas that are under good management, and where there is strong potential for reintroduction.

Knowledge Gaps

Areas where the status of painted wolves is unknown, but anecdotal information suggests that painted wolf populations still persist.

Our Criteria for Investment

In order to ensure that our investments will have an immediate, transformational and sustainable impact, our granting decisions will be guided by the following investment criteria.


We will invest in implementing partners that have been fully vetted, with a proven track record and a clear mandate to operate.


We will invest where there are clear collaboration benefits with structures to support them.


We will invest in the five priority areas: range-wide, under-resourced, crisis, reintroduction and knowledge gaps.


We will invest if our funding will make a transformational difference for painted wolves.