Our Approach

We have developed a powerful strategy to secure the future of the species across the whole of Africa.

During 2020 and 2021, the Painted Wolf Foundation consulted with the entire painted wolf conservation community to gain an Africa-wide perspective of the conservation landscape. 

Our analysis was the basis of our powerful strategy designed to combat against the headwinds that keep painted wolf numbers in decline.

We are now implementing this strategy, investing in painted wolf conservation efforts across Africa.

We are creating collaborations to bring the best minds together to combat the painted wolf’s biggest challenges.

Our attitude is entrepreneurial, bringing together leading scientists, conservationists and proven business professionals to encourage new thinking.

We have developed a robust investment process that ensures the best governance and that all our grants are rigorously analysed and scrutinised before funding is given.

We are active investors in that we work closely with the organisations in which we invest.

We help shape projects to ensure proven conservation interventions are implemented with their necessary local adaptations.

Like all good investors, we analyse the challenges and provide funding to deliver solutions; from providing means to protect local painted wolf populations, to working with communities to help them live alongside this potentially destructive predator.

We see ourselves as partners to our grantees and follow their progress closely to understand the challenges that arise and prepare to offer further support if necessary.

This approach ensures the efficient investment of our donors’ money, with each of our grants being designed to bring about transformational change.

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Securing the Future of the Painted Wolf