The Book

by Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston
A fascinating journey into the lives of the painted wolves, the same characters seen on BBC’s Dynasties.

A special book to cherish for life:

  • Learn more about the same three packs of painted wolves featured in David Attenborough’s Dynasties: Painted Wolf.
  • Experience the lives of the painted wolves through over 220 stunning images.
  • Understand the intimate Dynasties characters of these fascinating animals as if you were there yourself.
  • Read gripping tales from those who walk alongside the painted wolves every day.
  • Meet the heroes who are saving the painted wolf from extinction.

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Painted Wolves:
A Wild Dog’s Life

Become Part of the Pack. The Painted Wolf Foundation is launching the most comprehensive book on painted wolves ever produced. Written and produced by photographer Nicholas Dyer and conservationist Peter Blinston. whereby 100% of the profits will go towards their conservation.

A Conversation
with Nicholas Dyer

A conversation with Nicholas Dyer on “Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life”, the new book he wrote with conservationist Peter Blinston about these highly endearing but endangered creatures. Dyer spent 6 years tracking and photographing several packs of painted wolves in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. He spoke to Georgie Lockwood of the Painted Wolf Foundation about this experience, the process of producing this incredible book and his love for the dogs.

About the Book

  • Size: 305mm x 355mm x50mm – It has gravitas
  • Pages: – 312 pages on 250gsm silk paper – It has class
  • Photographs: Over 225 stunning images – It is art
  • Print: Full lytho by leading Dutch printer – It is quality
  • Run: Limited print run – It is collectable

Five years in the making

Award-winning photographer Nick Dyer and renowned conservationist, Peter Blinston, both PWF Trustees, have written an extraordinary book on the painted wolf.

Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life brings together stunning photography with amazing stories and experiences, and is a remarkable first-of-its-kind coffee table book on a single species.

Nick’s experiences and photographs from living for six years alongside the Dynasties packs in the Zambezi Valley are combined with Peter’s conservation knowledge gained from 20 years of working to conserve this magnificent species.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Painted Wolf Foundation.

painted wolf, painted wolves, wild dog, painted dog, conservation
Nick and Peter putting a collar onto a painted wolf in the field

What People Say About The Book

Wildlife photographer Nick Dyer and conservationist Peter Blinston have crowdfunded a new book, Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life, which takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the lives of the painted wolves and what is being done to save them. It’s a beautiful book full of interesting facts and stunning photos, which I hope will raise the profile of the animals. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Painted Wolf Foundation too.”

Highly informative, inspirational, beautifully illustrated, and critically important book.

I consider this book, not only an excellent work of research and knowledge, but to me, it is an absolutely wonderful Work of Art – I consider it an Art Book. The photos and lighting are out of this world, and so special, that one can just look at it for hours on end and enjoy and admire each page on its own! Just Super! 

Top quality book with breathtaking photography and interesting narrative, worthy of the noble conservation cause.

I have enjoyed the book PAINTED WOLVES / A Wild Dog´s Life very, very much. I have several books about Wild / Painted Dogs, but this one beats them all. Other books also have very accurate and informative texts. But the distinctive characteristic of your book are the many, absolutely stunning pictures. I’m into Wild / Painted Dogs for more than ten years, but the quality and the quantity of these pictures are the best I have ever seen.

The writing is so sensitive and evocative and the images are truly stunning. Thank you to the Painted Wolf Foundation for producing these treasured items, even though we are back in the UK I can read the book and look at the calendar and imagine we were back on the wolves’ territory.

I am unrepentant, entranced and immersed, having got halfway through at last really reading and absorbing your book. The presence of the book, the words, the photographs- can not easily be described…the presence of the book, the words, the photographs- can not easily be described.

Given as gift to a dear friend who is a dedicated lover of our Southern Africa nature and wild dogs due to their plight and increasing scarcity in particular. Immensely appreciates this high quality book which combines true experience with painted wolves and superb photography.