Strategic Pillars

Our strategy is designed to achieve one thing:
to double painted wolf numbers in three decades

All of our investments must demonstrate that they can make progress towards this goal.

We have created three strategies that are the pillars to doubling their numbers. No single one offers a golden bullet.

But taken together they offer a real hope for the species. It involves people combining their skills and efforts to bring proven conservation measures to all existing painted wolf populations and reintroducing them safely to former rangelands.

We firmly believe that implementing these strategies will bring lasting hope for the species and bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Protect Painted Wolves

We will invest in the protection and conservation of existing painted wolf rangelands, both within and outside of national protected area networks. We will support the implementation and expansion of proven painted wolf conservation measures in these areas, including community coexistence, snare removal, disease management, educational programmes and painted wolf monitoring, protection and rehabilitation.

Recover Territory

We will invest in the rehabilitation, protection and conservation of appropriate former painted wolf rangelands, to allow their expansion into safe and well managed areas. We will support the conservation of prey species, effective management of diverse landscapes and full engagement with communities to ensure the sensitive reintroduction of the species.

Support Collaborations

We will invest in initiatives that achieve economies of scale, build on best practice, disseminate ideas and learning so as to deliver benefits to painted wolf conservation in its entirety. We will encourage and support field-based collaborations between conservation organisations, communities and land management initiatives.