Moving forward at PDC

Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) has released a quarterly update newsletter. It details how they are moving forward despite the turbulent times we are in.

In their base area near Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, PDC have put more boots on the ground and increased anti-poaching units and patrols. Collaborations with local communities to protect painted wolves continue to grow. Community volunteer anti-poaching units are back up and running after a break due to COVID-19. 

PDC was delighted to re-open their Children’s Bush Camp in May, finally being able to re-engage with children and adults in the local communities. They were able to conduct seven camps before lockdowns in Zimbabwe set in again.

The arrival of a new PhD student from the University of Oxford has given a boost to painted wolf research at PDC. The research is on how painted wolves cope with competition from lions and hyenas. Better understanding of these relationships will add valuable knowledge when making conservation decisions, especially in areas with large predator populations.

Denning season has arrived, and PDC researchers have sent news of denning animals in both Hwange and Mana Pools. The next newsletter from PDC will hopefully bring news of the success of these packs. 

Visit the Painted Dog Conservation website to learn more about their commitment to painted wolves.