PDC Update First Quarter 2019: Hoo Calls

We’re very excited to share the latest news bulletin from Painted Dog Conservation (PDC).

The bulletin provides an update on the Mpindo Pack, the two adults and eight pups rescued and rehabilitated into Hwange National Park (read the exciting first part of their story here).

The pack has met challenges from lion and hyena, and has again come into contact with people in communal lands near Mpindo where they were first found. While there has been major progress in changing attitudes, the pack will need to be monitored across their huge range. This is an ongoing story and we hope that more long-term solutions appear for this remarkable pack.



Mpindo Pack Movement (Picture Credit: PDC)



It has been a poor and late rainy season. PDC knows that this means less food and more desperate people and an increase in the use of snares, one of the major threats for painted wolves. The tireless work of the anti-poaching units deserve much credit for their efforts.

The education branch of PDC has been doing exceedingly well and kept up their ever popular and looked-forward-to Bush Camp for the children, teachers and parents of the rural communities that live with painted wolves.


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Picture credit: PDC