Painted wolves in the press

In October, Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life, launched in South Africa, in partnership with our friends at HPH Publishing

South Africans love painted wolves and as a result, the Painted Wolf Foundation has caused quite a stir in local media. 



In an interview Getting to Understand Painted Wolves, PWF trustee, Nicholas Dyer, alongside Refiloe Mpakanyane and Tim Neary, discussed the plight of the painted wolf in Africa. 

Nick was also featured on Research News Africa after being interviewed by the vulture-loving Simon Gear. 

In November, while in Cape Town, Nick spent an afternoon with Pippa Hudson on the Yellow Couch talking about Capturing Painted Wolves – A Wild Dog’s Life on Cape Talk radio. 


Painted Wolves, A Wild Dog’s Life made headlines on SABC Morning Live and SABC News where Nick was interviewed by painted wolf lover, Craig Marais. 


Subsequently, Painted Wolves, A Wild Dog’s Life has also been featured in:

Get it Joburg North

Northcliff Melville Times


Just in case you missed it Nick has also written two moving articles on the Declining Dynasties in Africa Geographic’s Online Magazine, playing tribute to Blacktip and Tammy

Print media  

Talented journalist, Sue Watt, wrote a moving piece on the Three Degrees in Wanderlust magazine in the UK. 

The Sunday Times did a powerful story on Painted Wolves: Endangered Hunters hanging by a thread. 

Sunday Times Painted Wolves A Wild Dog's Life Feature

In addition to the Sunday Times, Leisure Options in Rosebank-Killarney Gazette also gave a shout out to the wolves

And keep an eye out for upcoming articles in a number of South African magazines!


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Painted Wolves, a Wild Dog's Life