New research project at PDC

Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in Zimbabwe is starting an exciting new research project. The research will focus on how painted wolves cope with lions and hyenas. Elisa Sandoval-Serés, a PhD student from Oxford University, and Sichelesile Ndlovu, GIS specialist from PDC, will combine their expertise to work on this interesting question. 

When painted wolves stay in protected areas, such as national parks, they face many threats from larger carnivores. Lions and hyenas in particular are dangerous for them. When painted wolves move outside protected areas, there are fewer large carnivores but they are now exposed to human threats.

In Hwange National Park, water artificially pumped in waterholes is the only water available during the dry season. The researchers aim to determine how painted wolves are coping with lions and hyenas in these areas where water is provided. This valuable research can be used to propose water management solutions that will reduce painted wolf competition and mortality.

For an overview of painted wolf ecology and explanation of the study, watch the video below of a presentation the researchers recently gave. Their talk begins at the 1hour 25min mark, and gives great insight into this collaboration between research and conservation.

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