EWT’s hard work during the pandemic

The integrated 2019/2020 report for the Endangered Wildlife Trust is now available. This report provides a great overview of their amazing work, not only for painted wolves but for all wildlife and conservation in southern and east Africa.

2020 was a year unlike any other. Financial setbacks that came along with the pandemic did not deter EWT. They continued their incredible efforts to protect wildlife and the communities living amongst them.

For painted wolves, this included efforts to:

  • Create safe spaces
  • Reduce threats
  • Change people’s values and perceptions of predators
  • Support legislation to protect carnivores


Their Carnivore Conservation Programme has an ambitious goal to reverse the global trend of declining populations of carnivores. For painted wolves, their African Wild Dog Range Expansion Project added more protected land in early 2020. EWT also assisted in the relocation of a second pack of painted wolves to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. The reintroduction of painted wolves in this landscape has been a real conservation win…read more about it HERE.

EWT had their hands full keeping painted wolves safe in and around the Kruger National Park. They had to relocate two packs in 2020 to prevent ranchers from killing them. They also developed a real time monitoring platform to check for snared painted wolves when they move through areas around the park known for high amounts of snares.

Another painted wolf pack that was at risk from farmers was relocated from the Waterberg to the Lapalala Wilderness, South Africa. An innovative media and fundraising campaign used live cameras at their new den, with the hope that interest in the painted wolves will boost area tourism in their new home. 

Read the full report from EWT, and get more details on all of their incredible conservation work.