Artists for Painted Dogs raises £40,000!

The Artists for Painted Dogs exhibition has raised an astonishing £40,000 for the conservation of the endangered painted wolf.


A beautiful piece by artist Jo Maynard



This initiative, a collaborative exhibition of contemporary wildlife artists and photographers from around the world, was held in October 2020 to raise funds for the vital field work of Wildlife ACT and Painted Dog Conservation, two organisations at the front line of saving the species.

Founded by Heather Irvine, an artist with a great affinity for the painted wolf, the exhibition was set up to raise funds for these organisations in a year where the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted field work and fundraising efforts.

Heather and her team brought together almost 40 artists and photographers, including PWF Trustee Nicholas Dyer, to donate their beautiful artwork for the cause. The exhibition sold more than 800 artworks and certainly raised a huge amount of awareness of this species in addition to the critical funds.


PWF was proud to sponsor the exhibition and looks forward to working more with such innovative efforts on behalf of the species.