Major article on painted wolves in Africa Geographic

Nick Dyer, PWF Trustee, has published another major article on the painted wolves, this time in Africa Geographic. The article is a glimpse into their world, and is part of the growing momentum to raise awareness about this highly endangered and terribly ignored species.


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The story describes the complex and social lives of the painted wolves.

It shows how they behave when they are in their natural environment, seldom bothered by man.




It then contrasts this relative harmony with a look at the desperate challenges the painted wolves face when up against humans.

And describes the approach that Peter Blinston’s organisation Painted Dog Conservation has been taking in the Hwange area to save them over the last twenty years.




The article is illustrated by many of Nick’s photographs from Nick and Peter’s book, Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life. The book is a much more in-depth study of both the species and the conservation needed to save them. All profits go to the Painted Wolf Foundation.

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