Exciting updates from Mozambique

The success of the reintroduction of painted wolves to Gorongosa National Park continues! The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has translocated two new packs of painted wolves (otherwise known as African wild dogs) to Mozambique from South Africa. 

After being regionally extinct for over 25 years, painted wolves were first brought back to Gorongosa in 2018. This was done through EWT’s Wild Dog Range Expansion Project. The painted wolves are absolutely thriving, and saw the birth of over 50 pups in 2020 alone. This most recent translocation adds in new genetics, and will help ensure the future of wild dogs in Mozambique.

Additionally, three dispersing males born in Gorongosa in 2019 were translocated to Karingani Game Reserve. These males are from the first litter born in Gorongosa in decades. This marks the first ever internal translocation of painted wolves within Mozambique. They will bond with females in Karingani before the new pack will ultimately be translocated to Malawi…becoming “painted wolf pioneers” in expanding their range! 

Learn more about the how EWT and the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project is working to create new safe spaces and increase the range and population of painted wolves.