Painted wolves thriving in Gorongosa

The 2020 Annual Report for Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is now available, and paints an inspiring picture for the future of this special place. Painted wolves (AKA African wild dogs) continue to flourish in a land where they only returned three years ago.

In a partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, painted wolves were reintroduced into Gorongosa after an absence of 25 years. The initial release in 2018 consisted of 14 individuals. Following this success, they released a second pack of 15 wolves in 2019. The births of more than 50 pups in 2020 shows the prosperity of the reintroductions! Gorongosa National Park now has a population of 85 painted wolves, and they are thriving.


However, the success of the reintroduction of painted wolves is only part of the bigger picture. Gorongosa National Park is committed to the long-term development and sustainability of the park and surrounding areas. Nearly 200,000 people live in the designated Gorongosa Park Buffer Zone. Gorongosa hopes to lift every family here out of poverty in the next 30 years, and aims to be known as a ‘human rights park’.


Please visit the Gorongosa National Park website to learn more about their painted wolves and the other inspiring work they do. Watch the wonderful video below on the reintroduction of painted wolves to Gorongosa!