Article on painted wolves in International Wolf Magazine

Nancy Gibson (writer and co-founder of the International Wolf Center based in Minnesota) has written a great article about painted wolves featuring PWF Trustee Nick Dyer’s photographs in the Spring edition of International Wolf.





Drawing comparisons and finding similarities between the well-documented grey wolves of North America and our favourite but relatively unknown ‘painted’ wolves of Africa, Nancy spins an enthralling tale of her experiences camping and seeing painted wolves in Mana Pools National Park and visiting Painted Dog Conservation near Hwange National Park.

She describes the complex and social lives of the painted wolves, showing how they behave when they are in their natural environment, seldom bothered by man. She contrasts this with the grey wolf she knows well and points to some of the desperate challenges and threats that both canids face when up against humans.


“The fortunes of wolves on all continents are subject to fearsome constructs of our own myths.”


Thank you to Nancy and your team for being part of the growing momentum to raise awareness about this highly endangered and terribly ignored species!

The article is illustrated by many of Nick’s photographs from Nick and Peter’s book, Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life. The book is a much more in-depth study of both the species and the conservation action needed to save them. All profits go to the Painted Wolf Foundation.


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