Work at PDC carries on


[three_fourth]The first quarter update from Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in Zimbabwe brings news of the “new normal” that we are experiencing in 2021. PDC was able to continue much of their work throughout the pandemic. However, Covid-19 restrictions severely impacted research and community education programmes. Now most programme areas are operational and PDC can continue with their crucial work.[/three_fourth]


Community education and outreach is vital to increase awareness and tolerance of painted wolves. Children’s Bush Camp activities had been totally shut down since last March. They are now running again, with Covid-19 protocols in place to protect the future protectors of painted wolves!

Researchers are now allowed into Hwange National Park, and PDC is back in the field catching up with the packs. The anti-poaching unit is still busy…working hard as they did throughout the pandemic. Tough economic times caused by the pandemic have created an increase in poaching, and PDC has a dedicated team that has been instrumental in protecting painted wolves. 

Check out the update from PDC and see how they have hit the ground running in 2021. For more information on the critical work they do, please visit their website HERE.