By Painted Wolf Foundation - December 5, 2018

Wildlife Vets International runs campaign to protect painted wolves from disease

Wildlife Vets International is an incredible organisation that offers vet services around the world in aid of many different species.

The threat of rabies, to both domestic dogs and the wild painted wolf population is a constant concern and potentially devastating for both. Through vital vaccination programmes that Wildlife Vets International run, they help protect local dogs and painted wolves from these deadly infectious diseases. With numbers of painted wolves so low, just one outbreak can cause catastrophic consequences for this highly vulnerable species.

During the last week of November, they held a BIG GIVE Christmas Challenge where donations helped fund this vital vaccination and neutering programme. PWF Trustee Nick Dyer donated some of his incredible photos for this worthy cause and we congratulate Wildlife Vets International for a successful campaign!


Thank you for your continued support and partnership in the fight to protect painted wolves against diseases. Together we are creating an environment where painted wolves can not only survive but thrive!


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