Painted wolf snapped in South Sudan

Painted wolves – caught on camera! We’re thrilled to share news from the wilderness of South Sudan, where an elusive painted wolf has been captured on a camera trap in South Sudan.

Southern National Park is a huge protected area, the size of Wales. Little is known about the biodiversity that remains in the park. Fauna & Flora International (FFI) working in partnership with Bucknell University and South Sudan’s Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, have been working since 2019 to conserve this vast and precious landscape. One of the first activities is finding out what wildlife remains. Along with leopards and spotted hyena, a lone painted wolf made an appearance. This could be a very important range area for painted wolves.

Studies are ongoing through further camera trapping, and FFI is also working with government authorities to improve management of the reserve.

You can participate by reviewing photographs from camera traps in South Sudan through FFI’s citizen science effort – HERE.

Read more about this amazing observation HERE.