Exciting merger announcement from RCP!

The 2021 first quarter report from Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP) in Tanzania brings an exciting merger announcement. They are joining forces with Lion Landscapes to create a new, combined organisation that contains all of their existing programmes. 




RCP and Lion Landscapes, who work on large carnivore conservation in Kenya and Zambia, have been working closely together over the past year. This merger will make them more efficient and increase impact. The new organisation will continue using the name Lion Landscapes. Although, as always, the work does not solely focus on lions! Painted wolves and other carnivores reap the benefits of the hard work put into creating safe landscapes shared by people and wildlife.

This hard work involves community outreach and education. Investing in local education is so important to reducing human-wildlife conflict. School support and scholarships initiatives for 2021 are already underway. 

RCP, and now Lion Landscapes, believes in unlocking the value that coexisting with wildlife has for local communities. Their education programs are great examples of this. They have also developed innovative programmes to bring communities direct benefits of having wildlife on their land. Their Community Camera Trapping programme is a competition between villages…more pictures of wildlife, and especially predators, bring more points to earn cash prizes!

Reducing human-wildlife conflict is at the heart of their work. RCP was proud to contribute to Tanzania’s first ever Human-Wildlife Conflict Strategy, launched in late 2020. In January, the RCP team took part in a training for the formation of a Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Unit. This unit will ultimately work across Tanzania.

While the social media accounts for RCP will remain the same for now, please also follow Lion Landscapes to follow them on their new partnership!