Conserving painted wolves across Africa – Tusk 2020

Tusk Talk 2020 is here! Tusk has been supporting wildlife conservation across Africa for 30 years. This report details their 2019 activities.

Tusk supports many organisations who are working to monitor and safeguard painted wolves across Africa. One of the highlights from 2019 was their support for the exciting reintroduction of 29 painted wolves into Gorongosa National Park.

Tusk’s broader aims are to:

  • Raise the profile of African conservation leaders and their achievements
  • Leverage our ability to bring our partners together to accelerate learning, innovation and impact
  • Use our unique position in African conservation to increase awareness, funding and support for partners’ efforts.

One of Tusk’s Conservation Heroes, profiled in the report, is Dr Amy Dickman, Director of the Ruaha Carnivore Project, who has been working to enhance coexistence between local communities and predators, including painted wolves.

Click HERE to read the full report, and HERE to find out how you can support Tusk with their important work across Africa.