Wildlife ACT

NAME Wildlife ACT
COUNTRY South Africa
REGION Kwazulu Natal
AREAS OF FOCUS Monitoring, Research, Education, Community, Awareness, Anti-Poaching
KEY PERSONNEL Christopher Kelly, Dr Simon Morgan, Mark Gerrard, Johan Maree

Wildlife ACT’s mission is to help save our planet’s endangered wildlife and wild places from extinction by running important conservation projects in Africa.

Wildlife ACT is a team of experienced conservationists, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty working in the field 365 days a year – to save our endangered and threatened wildlife from extinction. They are an efficient team stretching every cent to make sure it is utilised in meaningful and focused conservation work. Their main focus is on endangered species such as the painted wolf, black rhino, and vultures, and priority species including cheetah, elephant, lion, leopard and hyena.

They focus on delivering time and expertise to provide adequate management, capture, transport and reintroduction of endangered animals to new homes; developing and deploying state-of-the-art monitoring and anti-poaching measures and equipment in the field; and helping rural communities who live alongside protected wildlife areas to develop a love and respect for nature, provide them with reasons to protect it, and advance economic empowerment.