Unexpected arrival of painted wolves

Exciting news from Mabula Private Game Reserve in the Waterberg region of South Africa as painted wolves were unexpectedly seen there. They are a dispersal of two males into a region that holds one of South Africa’s last free-roaming packs of painted wolves. This is great news for the genetic diversity of the species!

Guides from Mabula Lodge spotted two painted wolves, and contacted the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) with the welcome discovery. EWT quickly arrived, and was able to dart both animals and collar one. Fortunately, one had a previous collar on. This allowed them to identify the males as dispersals from the Tuli Block in Botswana. 

EWT will now be able to monitor their movements.  This is an important tool for managing the greater population of painted wolves in South Africa. Their arrival will also help to create community awareness of the free-roaming Waterberg pack. No other studied pack in South Africa has the privilege of not being fence-bound within an area. 

EWT and the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative  are working hard to secure the future and survival of painted wolves. For more information about the painted wolves of the Waterberg, follow the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative.