The latest newsletter from African Wildlife Conservation Fund

The latest update from the field in southeastern Zimbabwe is now available. African Conservation Wildlife Fund (AWCF) is an amazing field organisation that monitors and conserves painted wolves throughout the area.

Despite 2018 being an economically challenging and unstable year for Zimbabwe, AWCF managed to achieve a huge amount in their work…read all about their work in their February update.

AWCF monitors 221 adult and yearling painted wolves in these two areas, in addition to healthy populations of other large carnivores. They have been working hard to counter the threat of snaring which sadly seems to have significantly increased. Two new satellite tracking collars are now in use. Collars are an important part of AWCF’s monitoring and have helped to save painted wolves from brutal life-threatening snares.

To date AWCF has vaccinated over 6,000 domestic dogs in the area, over 80% of the estimated domestic dog population. These vaccination campaigns help keep rabies at bay from both domestic dogs and the susceptible painted wolves.

Every year AWCF supports an undergraduate student from the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo. These students have the opportunity to learn about conservation and research from the highly experienced AWCF team. Along with two week-long annual conservation awareness and leadership courses for junior and senior school-going students, AWCF is doing a superb job at raising awareness for painted wolves and many other species through education and strengthening community relations. AWCF does absolutely critical work to reduce human-wildlife conflict and to change community attitudes towards living with wildlife.


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