The latest news from the Ruaha Carnivore Project

The latest report from the Ruaha Carnivore Project is now available! Covering April to September 2020, the report can be downloaded HERE.

After a three-month interruption due to COVID-19, the team relaunched their innovative community camera-trapping programme. In sixteen participating villages, two Camera Trap Officers have been selected by their villages. The aim of this programme is to protect the animals and bring benefits to the local community.

Each species captured on the camera trap is assigned points. Carnivores score the most points because of the damage they are able to cause to people’s livelihoods. Rare or endangered species are also scored highly. This makes painted wolves a serious bonus, as they are carnivores, endangered, and travel in packs – so there are often multiple individuals captured by the camera.

The village with the most wildlife wins $2,000 in additional benefits, and the following villages get $1,500, $1,000 and $500 respectively. The money can be used by the communities to improve their education and health resources.

Not only this, but the programme brings awareness to the wildlife in the area. COVID-19 has meant that the RCP has had to find new ways to reach communities. A Conservation Announcement Board has been installed to help explain all of the benefits the community receives as a result of their wildlife.

Learn more about the Ruaha Carnivore Project HERE.