Supporting DSWF’s Annual Winter Wildlife Ball

One of the world’s painted wolf champions, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation does phenomenal work to support and help protect endangered species like the painted wolf all over the world with their fundraising efforts.

To celebrate the approaching year end, DSWF held a memorable Winter Wildlife Ball at The Dorchester in London with over 300 guests. Nick and Peter were thrilled to donate a signed copy of their book Painted Wolves; A Wild Dog’s Life for the raffle which helped to raise over £5 000. Thanks to the amazing support of many over the course of the night, altogether the event raised an incredible £185 000 for the fight against wildlife crime!

Have a look at the emotive film which was shown on the night…

We are grateful for the support and work that our wonderful partner DSWF does for wildlife around the globe!


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You can buy your own copy of PAINTED WOLVES: A WILD DOG’S LIFE!

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All profits go to the Painted Wolf Foundation, to raise awareness about the species and funds for its conservation.