Scientific article on the reintroduction of painted wolves to Gorongosa

The reintroduction of painted wolves to Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique tells the story of a great conservation success.

Now, a study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE provides data to quantify that success.

Over a 28-month study period, researchers closely monitored the reintroduced painted wolves. This recent publication documents the indicators of success that were observed. Additionally, the researchers describe the methods used to encourage the translocated painted wolves to bond and form a cohesive pack when they were first moved.

The painted wolves thrived in Gorongosa…formed new packs on their own, successfully produced pups, and significantly increased their population. Considering that 68% of Gorongosa National Park is still unused by painted wolves, it is predicted that their population will continue to expand.

The success of this reintroduction has brought painted wolves back to Gorongosa. This publication can now be used as a blueprint for more reintroductions. This would hopefully help create a larger, connected landscape for painted wolves to reclaim in their journey back to Mozambique!

Read the full study here.