Remembering African Wild Dogs – last chance to pre-order

The Kickstarter campaign to publish Remembering African Wild Dogs is nearing its end, with only five days left to pledge your support. It ends on Sunday night, and is your last chance to pre-order the book. 

This sure-to-be stunning photography book will be the 6th in the Remembering Wildlife series, an initiative founded by Margot Raggett that has so far donated over a million dollars to conservation projects in support of the species of honor. Elephants, lions, great apes, rhino and cheetah have all benefited from this amazing series in the past.

We are delighted that painted wolves are the focus this year, and that there will be even more awareness and funds raised for the species.  Take a look at this great video, launching the campaign…

Each beautiful coffee table book is a compilation of photographs donated by some of the world’s top wildlife photographers – take a sneak peek at some of these cool photos here.  We are thrilled that PWF trustee Nicholas Dyer has contributed one of his photographs – we can’t wait to see the rest. 

Each new book in the series has raised more than the previous, so now is the time to support the Kickstarter campaign and ensure this trend continues!

If you are a keen wildlife photographer, there is also an exciting opportunity to have your photo featured in this incredible collection, in a competition starting 1 April 2021.

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