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Field Conservation Organisations

Botswana Predator Conservation

NAMEBotswana Predator Conservation
REGIONNorthern Botswana
AREAS OF FOCUSMonitoring, Research, Community, Education, Awareness, Habitat Conservation
KEY PERSONNELDr Tico McNutt, Dr Krys Golabek, Dr Gabriele Cozzi, Dr Neil Jordan

The mission of Wild Entrust is to support the long-term viability of threatened wildlife populations and their critical habitats.

Botswana Predator Conservation is a programme of Wild Entrust, which has three aims:

  • Wildlife conservation: to promote the sustainability of threatened and endangered wildlife species and their habitats in Sub Saharan Africa through field science, innovative technology, education, applied conservation research and effective management.
  • Conflict mitigation: to support ongoing successful management programmes and to develop and apply new techniques that sustainably protect threatened wildlife, especially apex predators, in their natural habitats and ecosystems.
  • Education: to educate and build capacity among African nationals, through training and mentoring, to ensure there are skilled conservationists and wildlife custodians for the future.