A video about AWCF’s critical work in Zimbabwe




With so many endangered species around the world, the cry for funds is growing louder. For those of you looking to help, look no further… the emblematic painted wolf is intelligent, lives in a unique social hierarchy and is a critical part of their diverse ecosystems. And these pack hunters are in dire need of help.

Deutsche Welle has put together a video on the work that the incredible team at the African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) does to help keep packs roaming free, despite the ever present threat of snares. Their work includes patrols to remove snares, especially around dens. They also respond to incidents and conduct life saving operations to remove snares from injured painted wolves.


AWCF has put out a call for funds to support their work conserving painted wolves in the Southeast Lowveld in Zimbabwe.  This incredible organisation does a huge amount of work with very little resouces. They monitor and protect many packs, and could do with every little bit of support.

AWCF aims to raise US$ 2,000 by the 12 August 2019. Click here to make your donation!

Your donation will help AWCF with the following:

  1. Scout wages.
  2. Veterinary supplies to treat injured wolves.
  3. Fuel rations for snare sweeps