News from the Ruaha Carnivore Project

Yet another action-packed few months in the latest newsletter from the Ruaha Carnivore Project. The December-January project update is full of interesting news about their varied programmes to protect and conserve carnivores in Tanzania in partnership with local communities.

This month’s update describes how their incredibly successful human-wildlife conflict mitigation programme is working, a critical part of a changing landscape in which many species live.

RCP joined another WildCRU project team in Zimbabwe (Hwange Lion Research Project) to learn how to use canvas bomas for managing livestock. This successful and versatile method has been found to significantly increase crop growth and lower depredation of livestock.




One of the camera trap photos near Mafuluto Village (Photo credit: Ruaha Carnivore Project)




And finally, more from the Community Camera Trapping Programme with this month’s results. Well done to Mafuluto Village which had a fleeting glimpse of a pack of painted wolves, which gives them a solid 20,000 points for each individual!


If painted wolves are to survive in the large rangelands that they need, then local communities must not only tolerate them, but also benefit from them. Great to see such innovation happening!

Learn more about conservation of painted wolves across Africa.