New wine series honors individual painted wolves

Painted Wolf Wines, a longtime supporter of painted wolf conservation, has launched an exciting new series of wines to celebrate individual animals that have touched the hearts of conservationists across Africa.




The first member of the newly rebranded Pack range is Lightning Sauvignon Blanc 2020, a premium wine from Walker Bay. Lightning was one of Kruger National Park’s most famous painted wolves, and was beloved by researchers and the public alike. 

Painted Wolf Wines has grown to be a leading South African producer of award winning wines, all while raising money and awareness for their namesake. They have donated close to US$200,000 since their launch in 2008. Now you can also donate to conservation while enjoying delicious wine. Raise a glass to the memory of one special painted wolf!


Visit the Painted Wolf Wines website to learn more about the company, their conservation efforts, and how to order their incredible wine.