More exciting news on painted wolves from the Mara

The Mara Predator Conservation Programme’s quarterly update is out!

In this report, they provide exciting news of a possibly pregnant alpha female in the Lemek/Aitong pack. This pack had at least nine puppies last year, eight of which seem to have made it to the one-year mark, which is great news. Although the MPCP has not yet been able to collar this pack, recent photographs from camera traps show that the alpha female may be pregnant again. This might provide an opportunity to collar an adult in the pack once she dens and the pack is less nomadic.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple conflict reports over the last year, with painted wolves reported predating on sheep and goats. Learning more about the pack, and being able to track their movements, will be critical in ensuring their conservation and understanding the needs of painted wolves in this landscape.

The report also covers the work that MPCP does throughout the community. During this time of COVID-19 restrictions, they have still been able to support the community through strengthening of livestock bomas, supporting children in wildlife clubs, and distributing supplies for COVID-19 prevention and awareness.

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