Latest news from the Ruaha Carnivore Project

We’ve received the latest newsletter from the Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP). RCP works to conserve the incredible diversity of predators found throughout the massive Ruaha Ecosystem in Tanzania. In this news update, you will learn about RCP’s innovative Community Camera Trapping programme.

The RCP team places camera traps in strategic points in participating villages. Points are awarded for the important and endangered wild species that are captured on camera. Rewards are higher for species that are very endangered, and for species that cause high levels of conflict. Communities that live with wildlife often lose livestock and crops, or have their own lives threatened.  Points awarded through the Community Camera Trapping programme translate into tangible benefits, decided by each community – whether education, health, building materials, etc.

A lion captured on a camera trap results in 15,000 points being awarded to that village. But painted wolves, because they are so endangered, are worth 20,000 points each! A recent shot of two painted wolves running past a camera trap resulted in 40,000 points being awarded to Idodi village – well done!

If painted wolves are to survive in the large rangelands that they need to survive, then local communities must not only tolerate them, but also benefit from them. Great to see such innovation happening!

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