Interview with PWF Trustee Nick Dyer on the BBC

PWF Trustee Nick Dyer was honoured to be interviewed by the BBC’s Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos when he was in London at the end of October.

Jonathan has just published his article – “The Painted Wolves of Zimbabwe” which includes audio of his interview with Nick talking about the painted wolves and his time with them in Mana Pools…just a small excerpt:




The former London fund manager and marketing executive now dedicates his time and his camera to promoting the animals’ conservation, walking with three packs as they roam the floodplain of the Zambezi River.

“During the day, they’re mostly asleep but when they wake up, they leap and dance with absolute joy,” he tells me. “They have this great social bonding thing we call a greeting ceremony. They’re so full of play, especially with their pups, so they’re always chasing and pulling each other’s tails, which is really great fun to watch.”


Our effort to bring this creature to the world’s attention is gaining momentum. Thank you for your support!