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26th May 2021

MPCP up and running in 2021

The latest news from the Mara Predator Conservation Programme in Kenya.

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24th May 2021

SABC features the work of EWT

EWT’s work in the Kruger National Park was recently featured on SABC.

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24th May 2021

Podcast featuring ZSL’s Dr. Rabaiotti

A great way to learn more about painted wolves (AKA African wild dogs)

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22nd May 2021

New research project at PDC

Learn about PDC’s research into the interactions between painted wolves and larger predators – lion and hyena.

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21st May 2021

Reverse the Red features painted wolf recovery

Watch this webinar featuring the successful reintroduction of painted wolves into Gorongosa National Park

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13th May 2021

PDC’s work in Mana Pools

PDC’s work in northern Zimbabwe was recently profiled by the Zambezi Valley Conservation Network.

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11th May 2021

African Carnivores Initiative programme of work presented to the CITES Standing Committee

Painted wolves get attention at the CITES Standing Committee meeting.

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7th May 2021

Unlocking the value of wildlife through Community Camera Trapping

Lion Landscapes expanding RCP’s innovative Community Camera Trapping programme to more landscapes!

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6th May 2021

Bound Within Boundaries

A new study on painted wolves in the KAZA landscape demonstrates the importance of maintaining habitat connectivity between countries.

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