An Incredible New Book on the Painted Wolf!

The terribly threatened painted wolf sits on the edge of extinction. It has no voice. Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston have teamed up to give them one.

They are launching a campaign to change the status of the painted wolves, to get them a seat at conservation’s top table and increase their support base.

The centre piece of the campaign is a stunning coffee table book that lets you into the secret world of the painted wolves and of those that are trying to save them.

Only 6,500 individuals remain, fewer than elephants, lions, or rhinos. Few people know they exist, even less care.

But two people really do care. And they know them well. For the last six years, wildlife photographer Nicholas Dyer has been tracking and photographing the painted wolves on foot in the Zambezi Valley, in Zimbabwe.

For twenty years, conservationist Peter Blinston has been doing all he can to save them from extinction, building the leading and innovative Painted Dog Conservation.

Coming October 2018

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Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life is a compelling story. It is told over 300 pages with insight and passion from two people who know them well, each with their own unique perspective on this endearing animal.

Inside the book you will not only learn about the painted wolf, but experience how they live far from the corrosive influence of man. You will meet Tait, Blacktip and Tammy – incredible alpha females that rule Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, and as important, you will gain an incredible insight into the challenges of conserving these wonderful creatures and the strenuous efforts being made to keep them from leaving our planet for ever.

The book is illustrated with more than 220 stunning images. Each photograph tells a story in its own right and brings alive the captivating and mysterious world of the painted wolves and the lives of those around them.

Mark Carwardine, who has written the foreword, describes it as a highly informative, inspirational,  beautifully illustrated and critically important book.

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All proceeds from Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life will go into the Painted Wolf Foundation.

This foundation has been set up by Peter and Nick and conservationist Diane Skinner. Its aim is to raise the awareness of the painted wolf and to increase the support base for the species. Funds raised will go directly to the painted wolf conservation organisations in the field who are doing the critical work to keep them with us.

The foundation has received the support from many leading organisations, including Painted Dog Conservation, African Wildlife Conservation Fund, Wildlife Conservation Network, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Tusk. In addition conservation conscious companies are on board, including Wilderness Safaris, Great Plains, African Bush Camps,  Painted Wolf Wines and Wildlife Trading Company to name but a few.

This can be an exciting time for the painted wolves. Let’s make them mainstream conservation and get them the recognition they deserve.

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