About Us

The painted wolf is Africa’s most persecuted predator.
It is also its most elusive and enigmatic.

The aim of the Painted Wolf Foundation is to raise awareness about this much threatened and ignored species and support organisations that conserve painted wolves in the field.

What we do

The Painted Wolf Foundation:

  • Raises awareness about the painted wolf worldwide
  • Increases the support base for the painted wolf
  • Elevates the profile of the organisations working to conserve painted wolves in the field
  • Raises funds to support field-based conservation of the painted wolf
  • Encourages sharing of best practices
  • Supports painted wolf campaigns worldwide

We do this by combining expert conservation knowledge with skills in communication and social media.

PWF is a registered charity with the UK Charity Commission (Registered Charity Number 1176674).



Peter Blinston

Peter fell in love with painted wolves while watching documentaries in his native England. He volunteered for Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) from home in England for two years and then initially moved to Zimbabwe as an unpaid six-month volunteer. He has now been there for 20 years and serves as Managing Director. Peter has helped translate the initial vision for PDC into effective programmes that have made a significant difference to the survival of the species.

Nick Dyer

Nick grew up in Kenya and always had a passion for photography. After careers in finance and marketing, stuck behind a desk in London, he took the decision to return to Africa and turn his life around to dedicate it to photography, writing and wildlife conservation. He discovered the painted wolves of Mana Pools National Park, fell in love with them and has spent much of the last six years living in a tent while following and photographing three packs on foot. He has now made it his mission to elevate the painted wolf onto the same level of conservation concern as the elephant, rhino and lion.

See more of Nick’s photography!

Diane Skinner

Diane has 15 years of experience in African conservation, working to save chimpanzees, rhinos and elephants. With expertise in international policy, community conservation, and NGO management, Diane is now turning her attention to the painted wolf. Diane brings hands-on practical knowledge of how conservation works in Africa to the cause of saving the painted wolf, and focuses on resolving the conflicts between humans and wildlife, particularly the land they both need to survive.